Based in the beautiful Scottish Borders,  Cocoaecosse is a company which specialises in chocolate with a French touch.


Having met in a kitchen in Lyon, France, Vicky and Olivier have both had different gastronomic backgrounds. 


Since 1984, Olivier progressed professionally, as a baker, becoming a pastry chef in some of the most prestigious Michelin-star establishments. For the past fifteen years, he has specialised in the art of chocolate-making. His obsession with chocolate gives him the opportunity to travel abroad and consult for various cocoa industries.


Vicky followed a more culinary path, which began in France in a  2-Star Michelin restaurant and going on to expand her knowledge, related to ingredients in fine food companies.


Taking inspiration from their travels, they create chocolates that are handmade - the ingredients being locally sourced or uniquely developed, for example, herb or fruit infusions; caramels or single malt whisky ganaches.


Their love of chocolate and its complex versatility, combined with certain technical skills acquired over the years, has culminated in this artisan business.