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About CocoaEcosse

​​​French Master Chocolatier and former pastry chef, Olivier Nicod met his wife, Vicky Rogerson - also a chef -  whilst they worked in a kitchen in France. The chocolate they make at their home in the beautiful Scottish Borders has a creative French touch. 


Wherever possible, ingredients are locally sourced and uniquely developed. Soft centres include single malt Scottish whisky ganache, Scottish raspberries, and homemade salted caramel and cinder toffee.


Their love of chocolate and its complex versatility, combined with certain technical skills acquired over the years, has culminated in this artisan business.


Whilst their workshop is not open to the public, they are happy to discuss their techniques with visitors to their stall at the various Scottish Borders' Farmers' Markets. 


If you have a question about any of Cocoaecosse's ingredients, please email for information.


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